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Re-Solutions…It’s a Verb

Ever think about the word 'resolution'? We tend to see it as a promise to ourselves. A commitment. An intention. But if you actually break down the word, you get 're' - 'solution' That means there's another way to do something.  That's a verb. Wow, what a breakthrough! Each year (or each day or each moment) we can pause and ask ourselves what can I do differently this time around the sun? Shall I wear my sunglasses? Or how can I use my imagination to conquer an old obstacle or re-think a tired plan or experiment with a fresh mindset? The above painting has been hanging on the wall of a healing clinic this last year, hopefully sparking that same 'I can turn the key just a little more gently and open the door" attitude in people from all walks of life. Here are two re-solutioning lessons I learned in 2017 that I'd like to take with me into the new year. Just saying YES, I'll at least TRY. You never know where it might lead you. Like my life as an artist/designer. Never in a million years... And, this last year I said yes to two mighty large new things that propelled me way out of my comfort zone. They also launched me way into the next chapter with some brand spanking new possibilities. That said, there are some small yes's which paid off too. Working independently on a budget doesn't mean not paying for the right resources. Keep learning this one over and over. Sometimes the best resources now save time and money later. A lot of it. What about you? What might you approach with a different eye or mindset?   SaveSave

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