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Easy Luxury 

In addition to creating artwork, Ellen Brook is an apparel and accessories designer who paints unique textile designs on sensuous fabrics that are fashioned into scarves, apparel and interior goods. Hand-painted yet modern in sensibility, each is a statement piece combining Ellen’s love of easy luxury, a light-filled palette and feel-fabulous fabrics that elevate a woman’s unique expression, whether her style is bohemian chic or timeless elegance.

It’s the perfect blend: clothing created with the care and integrity of the maker — fused with a sophisticated artistic expression that embodies the modern spirit and lifestyle. 

“What we wear can be one of the most vital art forms of daily soulful expression. Everyday we have a new opportunity to express who we are. My passion is to shine a creative light on each woman — bringing her individual story and style to life though layers of texture, color and sensual fabrics. My designs become her paintbrush for sharing her vibrancy with the world.”
—Ellen Brook

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