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 Art: For Walls or To Wear

C reativity knows no bounds. Why should we?

Whether it’s a painting or a luxurious wrap, it’s all rich, radiant artwork brought passionately to life by Ellen.

Artwork: Explore Ellen’s Mixed Media and Dye on Silk paintings and hangings.  Click on “Art” (above) or “Series” (below).

Fashion: Visit Clothing & Accessories, including hand-painted and limited edition fashions. For inspiration don’t miss Custom Designs.

Ellen’s hand-painted textiles are also  turned into original pillows and table runners. A few examples are here.

Fine Art Series

Abstracts/Mixed Media on Canvas 2013-2014
Urban Zen Series 2013-2014
Meditations on Silk 2010-2013
Black and White Series 2012-2014