Ellen’s Story: The Art of Fashion

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The Art of Fashion

Art meets fashion in my original designs. What we wear can be one of the most vital art forms of daily soulful expression. Clothes can convey our creative spirit, and allow us to shine our light in a way that reflects our mood, enhances our groove or declares our philosophy of living.

Until the age of 40, I had no idea I was creative. But then something took hold. And after a lifetime love of style, I began exploring painting as a way to infuse my creativity into this daily adventure. Passionate about color, fabrics, and clothing as a means of self-expression, I paint my own fabric designs (using dye on silk)– then transform them into clothing or accessories.  I let the colors lead the way, guided by an eye for modern style, beauty and sophistication, but I’m also driven by the play of textures and qualities such as movement and drape.

Once the silk fabric comes to life, I often add unexpected elements such as grommets, leather or a hood. I also play with combining different fabrics, layering — and re-layering – my designs over various garments to determine its visual impact. I’m in search of beauty; I am attuned to the aesthetics of visual poetry and sensuality. My hope is to create a feeling of delight and delicious surprise. Once on the body, the designs truly become art.

My influences, are well, everywhere.

I look to many cultures and tribes for their rich color palettes and glorious textiles. I admire the women on the streets of Paris and Milan who transform a simple outfit with a single stroke of fabric, dramatic color or unexpected design. And I also love the painterly light, natural forms and lifestyle of the West Coast. Here, silk and jeans are a modern expression of elegance with ease — beautiful to look at but also easy to live in.

Creating ‘art to live in’ is joyful – from the first brushstroke to unexpected pieces that give each woman her own paintbrush for sharing her vibrancy and style with the world.