neutrals vs color

//neutrals vs color

neutrals vs color

Neutrals or color? I just can’t decide. It tugs at me. No, it’s more of an epic battle.  It permeates my body, mind and spirit. Ultimately the battle is fought with my eye which judges what is before me, and my hand which controls the brush. But there is no real winner, as the tension never really goes away.

An artist must make many small decisions along the way of creating whatever he or she deems worthy to create. And some big decisions too. For me, the pull of palettes in opposite directions is so strong that it can be paralyzing. Many women know this from the perennial question  should I wear black today or something with color?

In the end, I let the feeling win. There are gloriously neutral moments.  The blacks, whites, creams, taupes, greys, and graphites just have to pour forth. Love the sophistication, the nod to urban life, minimalism, and modernism. But soon thereafter the itch for color returns. Not so much pure sweet color, but rather earthy, complex, arresting hues with a buttery finish.  Alas, even the poetic language of the vintners may not suffice!

In the end, I often wave a white flag, combining both into a single exciting encounter with the possibilities.

Let’s see…what to paint….or wear…..



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