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Uncommon Threads

It’s not often that fashion is celebrated as art… and art as fashion, or at least wearable art! But it’s happening more and more. Designers are being recognized for their outstanding creativity and exploration of fabric, design, color and the possibilities therein. Artists are choosing to make commentary on our world through material and the human body. I’m excited that some of my artwork AND fashion is being shown together for the first time in the Santa Cruz Museum of Art’s “Uncommon Threads” show Sept 4- Dec 6, 2015.

In my apparel and accessories, my focus is on questions of beauty and aesthetic. I follow an intuitive calling to create beauty. It takes shape in the form of sophisticated style through layering hand painted fabric design, sensual materials, and unexpected colors. In my artwork, I’m interested in taking that same voice and aesthetic to explore the meditative landscape of our inner world vs the demanding energy of our urban lives.

The exhibit gives me a chance to show that to me, creating clothing is just one aspect of a larger art practice. Art and clothing inform one another.

I see the installation as a large 3-D piece of abstract artwork that contains references to various styles, forms, textures, color stories, and circular/other markings that are ‘threads’ in my work. There are references to the playful and whimsical side of my personality and style too.

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