When A Dress is Not Just A Dress

//When A Dress is Not Just A Dress

When A Dress is Not Just A Dress

Fashion is overrated. I’ve never been one to follow fashion, except to get a glimpse of the glorious fabrics, the creative pulse and a reason to get new boots. To me, when style and creative expression are the spirit of fashion THAT’s where the excitement comes in.

Speaking of excitement, I sold a dress recently. Rather, I said goodbye to it with mixed feelings. Sounds crazy but it wasn’t just a dress for me. The painting flowed without hesitation onto the fabric. The experience was one of presence, beauty and joy. That doesn’t happen everyday.

I realized after I said goodbye that I hadn’t taken a photo of the back. Because I paint each piece individually the back often has a personality of its own. Oh well. Time to let go and move on to the next big thing! 

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