What About That Trunk?

//What About That Trunk?

What About That Trunk?

Ever heard the term “trunk show”? It’s used all the time amongst entrepreneurial fashion types.

While no one actually owns a trunk anymore (except for the car kind), it’s one of those terms that has staying power – perhaps for its charmed reference to an easier way of life when a trunk of items was all one had or even aspired to.

Today’s trunk shows can be charming indeed.  I’ve been welcomed, along with my trunk full o handmade clothing and multiple pieces of heavy display equipment — into another’s home.  I have had the chance to meet friends of friends, get a peek at someone else’s art collection, and taste a darn good hors d’oeuvre or two. That is, until normal life stops and the show begins.

Alas, trunk shows can also be a little less than charming. That’s certainly the case when not a soul shows up the entire weekend. Or the charming locale is actually a high school gym, a rather worn dance club, or outside with, let’s just say, “weather”.

But in the end, I am up for it.   After all, I’m lucky enough to get to paint, create, and ‘go for it’ almost every day. With or without the trunk. Not a bad show.

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